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Thank you for seven incredible years.

Due to a variety of personal, organizational, and logistical factors, the 501(c) 3 entity known as the Acadia School of Traditional Music and Arts is formally closed as of August 1, 2020. 

Over the past seven years, we have built a community that spans the country and the world. We’ve inspired countless students of all ages to bring traditional music and dance into their lives, and to keep it there. We’ve brought programming to local schools and performance venues, infusing Down East Maine with the traditions we so adore. All of this has been accomplished by a small group of dedicated volunteers, to whom we will be ever grateful.

Music and dance are particularly special art forms, ones that – much like life itself – must be appreciated for their fleeting, momentary nature. Like beautiful Tibetan sand mandalas, they are created slowly and carefully by a community, appreciated for a time, and then brushed away, the individual grains of sand free to become another work of art. We close knowing we have created something powerful, and something beautiful that has touched many, many lives.

We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished, and even prouder that our mission can continue with the support of countless other organizations in Maine and across the globe. To that end, as part of our closure proceedings, all assets of the Acadia Trad School will be transferred to the Maine Traditional Music Association, the parent organization of the legendary Maine Fiddle Camp. We urge you to support their efforts as you have ours. 

And so, we leave you all with so many beautiful memories of the past 7 years. THANK YOU for being part of our history. Please do what you can to keep the legacy of the Acadia Trad School alive in your community.  Keep playing, keep dancing, keep teaching, keep applauding. Start something, no matter how small. Keep attending festivals and camps, host concerts in your town. Keep making music with others!

May we all see each other soon, a bit farther down the road.