2016 Acadia Trad Festival Concert Highlights CD (compact disc)


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A truly inspiring collection of some of the best sets from the 2016 Acadia Trad Festival Concert series, featuring Liz Carroll, Maeve Gilchrist, Nic Gareiss, Matt and Shannon Heaton, Velocipede, Jenna Moynihan, Chris Grey, Vishtèn, Pete Sutherland, The Press Gang, Riley Baugus, Ben Miller and Anita MacDonald, Liz Knowles and Kieran O’Hare, The Alt, David Greely, Liz and Dan Faiella, Gus La Casse, Lillian Chase and more! And, all proceeds go toward the Acadia Trad School Scholarship Program! What could be better?

Download full liner notes (PDF)

Tracks include:

1 Bruach na Carriage Báine / The Dublin Lasses / The Morning Dew / Reeling on the Box (L. Carroll)
Liz Carroll (fiddle)

2 City in the North (M. Gilchrist)
Maeve Gilchrist (harp & vocals), Nic Gareiss (percussive dance)

3 Josie-O
Velocipede: Julia Plumb (fiddle, foot percussion), Baron Collins-Hill (tenor guitar)

4 Leaving the Station (S. Heaton) / Rolling in the Ryegrass / Maud Millar
Matt Heaton (bouzouki), Shannon Heaton (flute)

5 Parting “Friends” (P. Sutherland)
Pete Sutherland (vocals & fiddle)

6 La Sansonette (D. Forges) / Drambuie Showcase (G. Taylor) / Kid on the Mountain / The High Drive (G. Duncan)
Chris Gray (Scottish smallpipes), Emmanuelle LeBlanc (bodhrán), Jenna Moynihan (fiddle)

7 The Hills of Tara / City of Savannah / The Chaffpool Post
The Press Gang: Christian “Junior” Stevens (button accordion), Alden Robinson (fiddle), Owen Marshall (guitar), Hanz Araki (flute)

8 Norsken (Hultkläppen)
Jenna Moynihan (fiddle).Jenna Moynihan plays a Barry Dudley fiddle and uses D’Addario Strings.

9 Trois Blizzards (P. LeBlanc & P. Miousse) / 549 cm (E. LeBlanc)
Vishtèn: Emmanuelle LeBlanc (foot percussion, whistle), Pastelle LeBlanc (piano), Pascal Miousse (fiddle)

10 Undone in Sorrow (O.B. Reed)
Riley Baugus (banjo & vocals)

11 Oh, as I was Kissin’ Yestreen / The Black Haired Lad / Sweet Molly / The Primrose Lass
Ben Miller (Scottish border pipes), Anita MacDonald (fiddle), Tyson Chen (piano), Zakk Cormier (guitar)

12 Maudabawn Chapel (E. Reavy) / Derry Reel (E. O’Donnell)
Liz Faiella (fiddle), Dan Faiella (guitar)

13 Aguillard Two-Step / Rabbit Stole the Pumpkin
David Greely (fiddle)

14 Going for a Soldier, Jennie / The Chandelier (L. Carroll)
The Alt: John Doyle (guitar, vocals), Nuala Kennedy (flute, vocals), Eamon O’Leary (bouzouki)

15 John McColl’s / Father John Angus Rankin (J. Holland) / Jock Wilson (J. Holland) / Muillen Dubh / Sleepy Maggie
Gus La Casse (fiddle), Dan Faiella (guitar)

16 Planxty Drew (T. O’Carolan) / Jack and Mattie (B. Stubbert) / The Dublin Lads / Barr Na Cúille (N. Mulligan)
Liz Knowles (fiddle) & Kieran O’Hare (uilleann pipes, whistle)

17 Margaret’s Waltz (P. Shuldham Shaw)
Lillian Chase (fiddle), John Doyle (guitar) & Riley Baugus (banjo)

 18 Tuttle’s / The Moving Cloud (N. O’Boyle) / The Dawn
Liz Carroll (fiddle) & John Doyle (guitar)


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