Danse Ce Soir!


Fiddle and Accordion Music of Quebéc

by Laurie Hart & Greg Sandell

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Danse ce soir! Fiddle and Accordion Music of Quebec is a collection of 122 traditional and composed tunes by a wide variety of quebecois players and composers, the broadest and most informative collection of quebecois repertoire available to date. The text, in both French and English, gives extensive background information about the repertoire and history of instrumental dance music in Quebec, an analysis of the fiddle, accordion, guitar and piano style, and biographies of the musicians. Historical stylistic and discographic information is offered for all of the tunes, which have been carefully transcribed complete with ornaments and guitar/piano chords. The book includes maps, photos, a bibliography, indexes, list of organizations, festivals and music camps, and an extensive discussion of piano accompaniment, including three full piano transcriptions. Appropriate for the beginner or accomplished player on any instrument, for the folklorist and musicologist, and for the listener or dancer who wants to learn more about the beautiful and varied traditional music of Quebec. The companion CD (Sold Separately) offers ensemble renditions of 32 tunes from the book, for a total of 60 minutes.



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